Each lord can have up to 3 different troop formations. With these formations you can quickly select between one or another where you consistently use different formations for different tasks. By utilizing the right level of troops, right type of troops and the right number you can do several times more damage than if you just attack with the default set of troops that are selected.

Troop Formations Blending the perfect Strike

In order to get the absolute best formation for attacking the Wolf Lord during the Kingdom Threat Event, fighting Underworld Villians, Red Guard Camps and Beasts found throughout the Kingdom Map it is recommended to train some of every level and every type of troop.

If you can train up to T9 troops, you will need a combination of T1-T9 troops. When creating your PVE Troop Formation, it may take months to fully dial in your troop formation and do the most damage to in game enemies.

If you wish to speed this modification up, we suggest to use tips provided in our Gold Event Troop Training Stage guide. This will help you get your troops trained up in a few minutes rather than spending days training your troops. To create a PVE Troop Formation manually, you can create a troop formation that you think will be strong based on your stats and the strength of your troops and attack the Wolf Lord.

This will normally consist of a small number of Infantry for Defense, a larger number of Cavalry and Distance to damage the Wolf Lord and again a smaller number of artillery. If you attack the Wolf Lord a second time with the exact same troop formation you will notice you will do the exact same amount of damage to him unlike the results you will see when doing Underworld Gates where you will notice the damage varies depending on how many people are in your rally.

By utilizing this feature you can make small adjustments to your troop formation.

Troop Formations Explained In Detail ( howto beat higher stat players) King of Avalon

Every time the damage you deal to the Wolf Lord increases, keep your changes, if your damage drops, reverse your change. Since the Wolf Lord appears once per week, you have 10 tries each week to dial in your troop formation for the most damage. PVP Troop Formations largely consist of your highest level troops with the most attack power and damage.

To create the best PVP Troop Formation, you can start by creating a formation that you believe will work well. Use mostly your highest tier troops in this formation with few lower level troops in the formation where some troops are more equipped to deal damage and mitigate damage. To fine tune this formation you can visit the Spirit Mines and find a player that you simply cannot beat.

By making adjustments to your formation you should note any changes where you kill more of their troops than you had previously.

You might try this 5 or 10 times against any single player and then do the same thing against another player. Eventually, you will find yourself with a hard hitting PVP Troop formation that can not only attack well but can defend you against attacks you might otherwise lose.

A troop gathering formation will largely consist of troops that have a large load capacity, usually artillery units. If you have a large army, you generally will not need to use a gathering formation, but if you have a smaller army and are in an alliance that has an Alliance Farm, Lumberyard, Iron Mine or Silver Mine, it may be in your best interest to send mostly artillery troops to that location to gather as long as possible while other troops can go out and clear tiles as normal.

A fast-moving troop formation will consist of a number of cavalry units. These can be used to collect items on the map during events where a large number of slower troops take too long to collect and only one troop needs to go to a specific location on a map. These formations can also be used during the Ultimate Alliance Campaign in order to plunder buildings where you will be easily overpowered by stronger players. The specific number of cavalry units you put in this formation is entirely up to you and can range from just one unit to the entire amount it requires to fill your march capacity.

Another tip for using this formation is to move a castle that is in your way. The process of burning a wall to complete destruction can take over a day to complete, but if you hit it 50 times up front, the entire damage will be done whether you continue to hit the estate or not. Guns of Glory Contact. Name Email Comments. Home Guns of Glory Contact. Gathering Formations A troop gathering formation will largely consist of troops that have a large load capacity, usually artillery units.

Fast Moving Troop Formation A fast-moving troop formation will consist of a number of cavalry units.Hi, I just came across your site. It seems to be informative with what you have put up so far. You mentioned that there was a spreadsheet for troop formation but I did not see a link for it. Is it available? I will double check and think about a different structure for finding any downloads in the future. Thanks for the comment.

Did you make this spreadsheet? Great job on the calculator! Fast easy to replace units. The theory was that something must die and that theory is proven to be false at this point.

We have a new calculator that updates this one. Is this just for attacking other castles or is it a general guide for all events… Werewolf included? Please help thank you.

And thanks for all of your efforts. Your info is extremely helpful. You have to be logged in and you see the new article on front page or menue button at top.

It will no logner say page not found if you are logged into the system. Hi Donny, great page and youtube channel. Been using the old excel version but switching to new spinebreaker. But its so rare its not something I can test. I had to build a lot higher number of lower tiers to use this, hope it works, 1st ke today. What type of troops have an advantage over other troops??Join our Discord Server. We really emphasize the community aspect of our game and you will see the results across multiple platforms.

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This will hopefully help overcome the alienated feeling many new players get when joining a game and having really no clue as to how and where to make friends.

This base social glue will help people jump in and share more than just a game with others, but also things they are passionate about in the real world. Revenge Welcome to the Revenge game website where you can get all the current details, status, updates as well as information on early testing and joining our community on Discord.

If you're only interested in joining our community, then you might want to Built by Gamers for Gamers. A better Community. A better Society. We use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. More info Got it!This article should function as a Combat for people new to doing Combat in King of Avalon. It gives a very basic explanation about several things you should be aware about before you start solo attacking enemy castles.

Troop Types and Tiers There are four troop types in this game, infantry, cavalry, bowmen and siege. Each of them have 10 possible tiers availability depends on the level of your barracks, stables, range and siege workshop buildingswith each their own specific statistics. With the exception of Siege all stats of higher level tier troops are at least as good as lower level tier troops.

For Siege some offer better defense, other offer better attack, so you can select the troop that best meets your requirements rather than the highest tier for Siege, for the others just grab the highest you have available.

Although the game is not clear in explaining the exact role of each troop in the battle, experience points out it is important to have a significant amount of infantry in your army. Infantry takes most casualties, but if you do not have enough, your other troop types will take a lot more casualties.

In general I get good results in using a balanced army. Boosts There are a number of different ways to get boosts: lord talent points, research, equipment, dragon skills and items. You should consider all of these, there are quite some easy to score boosts that can make a difference.

Lord Talent Points can provide a large attack, defense and health bonus, especially when your Lord has reached a higher level and you have more talent points to assign. The War Tree is where you should assign your points before combat. The Combat research tree gives you valuable troop boosts. Individually they are not high, but they provide boosts that are always active for each of your troops.

Keep researching those. Note that there is also alliance research that provides combat boosts. Encourage your alliance to work on alliance research and make sure you contribute plenty yourself.

In the Forge you can craft equipment for your lord. See our Forging Equipment guide for details.Free to use Troop Training Calculator. For the troop training calculator you can use as target an amount of troops, Event points, available speed ups or required power increase.

Tag: golem

Please specify only one of these. If you are missing any troops in this calculator, check out the Troop Overview. Some of the Troops might not have training resource requirements and training time yet.

If you add them on the details page of that troop, they will be automatically added to the training calculator. In you encounter any issues, or if there is a troop that is not yet listed in the overview, leave a comment and we will help you as soon as possible. Please consider providing me with some much needed energy to keep going!

Register and most will be removed. Toggle navigation gamesguideinfo. Troop Training Calculator for King of Avalon. Troop Training Inputs If you Login and Register before you use the training calculator your pre-specified training boost is used and you can make a selection from your pre-specified Types for the troop training points. Training Speed Boost. General Resource Reduction Boost. Tier 1 Troop Training Points. Tier 2 Troop Training Points. Tier 3 Troop Training Points.

Tier 4 Troop Training Points. Tier 5 Troop Training Points.

Tier 6 Troop Training Points. Tier 7 Troop Training Points. Tier 8 Troop Training Points. Tier 9 Troop Training Points.

Tier 10 Troop Training Points. Amount of Troops. Event Points. Power Increase.This article gives an explanation of various things to consider for troop compositions for attacking players in Guns of Glory, including a few suggested troop compositions.

Watch the video on www. This article was written for King of Avalon, I have changed it where necessary for Guns of Glory, which were just name changes, the combat engine principles are the same.

After that I will share my own considerations and give few possible troop compositions. This applies to both PvP and PvE. This means that you need a good mix of troop tiers meaning your highest tier all the way down to T1 troops, although having less troops per tier as you go down the tier level and troop types infantry, cavalry, distance and even artillery — having a few thousand or few hundred siege could help you because of the high initial utility of siege troops.

But if the crippled march speed really bothers you, you can discard artillery. I am not sure if the damage received algorithm is also based on diminishing marginal utility which would indicate "increasing marginal troop damage received" in this case since the notion of diminishing marginal utility basically means that it gets worse per subsequent addition, and for damage received, "worse" is when a troop takes more damageor if damage received is simply a flat, additive function in this game.

This has yet to be confirmed. But if the former case is true, it gives everyone another reason to mix troop types in their troop formations. Even though you might suffer more losses in terms of troop count if you use a mixed tier march, your actual troop power loss will be less. For instance: T2 lost is better than T10 lost. No one knows the exact formula for each troop type's marginal utility and the extent of how it changes with subsequent additions, but the combat boosts aka "stats" and the default base stats of each troop type defined by the game which could be seen by clicking the blue "i" icon above the troop type of interest within each troop training building in your city are definitely factors that affect troop utility and marginal troop utility.

Until then, the best way to figure out the "optimal" troop formation is by experimenting. Yes — it has to be done the hard way, especially because no one knows the secret formula that the developers do not seek to disclose, and because everyone has different stats.

In fact, there is no such thing as a "perfect" PvP formation. Although one might think that perfect formations could be achieved through finding out the perfect ratio of troop types to achieve equi-marginal utility, it has to be taken into account that the enemy's stats and troops also affect battle results. What I do is leave around 50k troops unfilled, and depending on the enemy that I am facing, I will add different troop types to my preset when attacking them.

I know you have covered this fact in your video, but I need to stress my point that you have to take advantage of the different strengths and weaknesses of different troops depending on the situation. Although I do not know the extent of this increased damage i. Lastly, the amount of infantry you need in your march depends on the strength of your enemy. If they are weak, then you can send less infantry so long as they aren't able to penetrate your meatwall of infantry. By doing so, you can replace the quota with other troops to deal more damage and further minimize your losses.

However, don't overdo this — once your infantry dies, the rest of your troops will get shredded easily. Once again, the amount of infantry you need to send is best tested with experience. As mentioned above, the spire is a great place. The royal arena can also be used for testing, though to a lesser extent because it only allows you to send 1 tier of troops.

In conclusion: Use as many troop types i. Too much will make your army deal less damage, while too little will make your army wiped out too soon. Keep experimenting.It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all.

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